Local courses

BEST Porto organizes annually a summer course that hosts around 20 technology students from all europe.

The course organized has a duration which can vary between 8 and 15 days, and aims to provide participants new skills related with technology, career or practical applications of theoretical concepts through engineering competitions. The academic component takes place at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

Course participants have their expenses for food, accommodation, transport and all expenses related to cultural and recreational components fully covered by BEST Porto, supporting only the cost of travel from their country to the city of Porto.

Through Europe

Every year several Local BEST Groups, from all over Europe, organize season courses. These courses last between 8 and 15 days and they are divided in three different types:

In order to apply, you just need to write a motivation letter showing your interest on the course. After being sent, there will be a selection and if your motivation letter is chosen, you will have the chance to meet students from all Europe.

The costs of these courses are rather low. You just need to buy your trip to and from the course city. All the other costs are supported by BEST.

If you want to know more about these courses and the ones you can apply next check this link: