EBEC Project

BEST Engineering Competitions are events organized by BEST, where teams of students have the opportunity to test their soft and technical skills in a competition, while learning and developing their creativity and teamwork at different levels.

These events are an important part of the BEST since they began in 2002. The first experience of BEST Engineering Competitions began in March 2002, when some members went to a Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) and after their return began to promote the idea in order to create this type of events in BEST.

Thus, from 17 to 23 October 2003, organized by the Local BEST Groups Eindhoven and Ghent, we had the first BEEC (BEST European Engineering Competition) in Nieuwkerke, Belgium with 60 participants from all over Europe.

What is EBEC Project?

EBEC is a team competition, at 3 levels/stages in 2 modalities (Team Design and Case Study).

The winning teams from each Local round go through to the national or regional rounds and the winning teams of these rounds advance to the final round of EBEC. This is organized once a year and it’s edition lasts from the beginning of the first local round to the end of the international round.

What are the EBEC modalities?

The European BEST Engineering Competition is the largest engineering competition in Europe!