BEST SciTeCh is an annual competition that BEST Porto organizes at FCUP (Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto), during the first semester.

Participants have the opportunity to test the limits of their imagination, teamwork, presentation skills and acquired knowledge. The competition counts, since the first edition, with the Team Design modality that consists of the construction of a prototype using tools and materials provided by BEST Porto. More recently, the Case Study modality was added, which consists of solving a theoretical problem proposed by BEST Porto and presenting it to a group of jurors.

The event is open to students from FCUP and FEUP (Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto).


Teams of 4

We accept registrations as a team of 4 elements or individual. Individual entries will then be grouped into teams.

Team Design

During the competition, the team must build a functional prototype that solves a proposed challenge.

Case Study

During the competition, the team should conduct a report or presentation to address a proposed challenge.


There will be a set of prizes for the winners as well as certificates of participation for all participants.

Participants Team Design
Participants Case Study
"SciTeCh is an event that tests participants' ability to work as a team, forcing them to reach a solution to a proposed problem in just three hours. This year, we also organized a networking event where companies can meet the students"
Afonso Soares
Main Organiser SciTech 2018