Tips for Interviews

“As interviewee we are, firstly, sellers. The product that we are selling it’s ourselves and the qualities of the product are our experiences, abilities and personality.”

Medley, 1984 p. 22

The definition of interview can be something like a two-way communication in which one part seeks to get knowledge, motivations and feelings of the other part. An interview gives you the opportunity to reveal other aspects beyond what is in the curriculum and enhance:

that will allow the interviewer to create a good image of the applicant.

Types of Interview:

Individual Interview

Telephone Interview

Group Interview

Oriented Interview

Interview structure:

Interview preparation

Attitudes to have and to avoid

Frequently asked questions of the interviewer

After the interview

The company should contact the respondent soon and announce the decision. In case of being accepted for the management of the company must be informed of when you should report for duty. If not accepted should know that the most common is people go to several interviews before being accepted. So, should prepare for an upcoming interview and see what may have gone wrong so next time do not make the same mistakes.

If doubts persist, you can always consult the Guidance Unit and Integration of FEUP.