How to write your CV

Nowadays it is fundamental to have a curriculum vitae that manages to evoke interest from the recruiting companies.

Thus a CV should:

Before writing the CV:

Writting a CV:

Essential information:


Education: Be careful with professional titles and don’t use titles that you are still completing;

Professional experience: Use experience in part-time jobs, internships, volunteer work that relate with the position;

Languages: Explain in detail the level of the languages you speak and how long you have been speaking them;

Acomplishments and achievements: Don’t merely indicate participations in groups and extra curricular activities but also indicate the work you did in them.

Interests and activities: Avoid too many entries wich may indicate that you are only interested in leisure and sports.

Other interest points: Be fluent in informatic languages and specific softwares may deserve its own point. Same with sport activities that require a special degree of perseverance or organization skills. teaching sports is also a very positive point.


Presentation - Typewritten in white paper, A4 format, with no gramatical or ortographical errors. Avoid bad quality copies.

Typography – readable and professional(avoid comic sans and other fantasy typographies), minimum advisable size 11; readable colour (avoid yellow, pink and flourescent colours);

Size – it cant be over 3 pages, but 1 is the ideal;

Simplicity- it shouldn’t have unnecessary information;

Style – use action verbs;

Numbers - should not be written in words;

Dates - should always be presented in the same format;

Acronyms – its meaning has to be written out;

Tips and common mistakes:

CV’s tools:

BEST Career Support

BEST offers students and companies an online tool that facilitates the connection between them: BEST Career Support.

This tool gives companies and universities the opportunity to search CV’s submitted by students from all over Europe and get in contact with them.

There are tousands of students in this online data base looking to expand horizonts in their professional lifes, allowing companies to include them in their recruting.


Linkedin is a social network used in the buisness world, where you can create a profille and convert it into a CV. Linkedin has pre-defined fields very usefull in the elaboration and formatiation of a CV.


Europass is the european CV model. Many companies ask specifically this CV model. Its possible to fill it in online.

For more informations:

FEUP (Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto) has a acompanning and integration cabinet that can personally help you in the elaboration of your CV. You can check more information clicking here