EBEC 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

You can register through the button “Register here” on our website from the 15th of February until the 1st of March.
Registers will be considered according to the deposit payment order and not according to the order of filling in the registration form.

The competition will take place online.

Each team is constituted by 4 members. But you can register individually or even in groups of 2 or 3 members, and after that, you will be inserted in a team that lacks members.

You only need basic concepts of science and engineering and to be interested in challenges! You should have the will to work in a team and spend a fun but safe weekend with your friends. You don’t need anything else!

No, you only have to leave a 5 euro deposit per person. This deposit is given back to you at the end of the competition, after the closing ceremony and after you fill in a feedback form, if you obey all of the expressed clauses in the regulations.

Of course! Every student of FEUP and FCUP can participate in EBEC.

Yes! As long as you are studying in FEUP or FCUP.

Yes, the rectory of the University of Porto credits EBEC since 2013/2014 with 1.5 ECTS to the participants. You will only receive credits the first time you participate in EBEC, for each of the modalities. Your course director decides the acceptance or not of your credits.

To access the 1.5 ECTS you have to:

  • Not leaving the video call until the end of the event;
  • Have a good performance in the competition;
  • Fulfill all the clauses in the regulations.

For more detailed information we recommend you to read the article “Creditação” of the regulations.

You should always keep the video call on but you can make breaks (to eat, to sleep,...).

You should notify one of the event responsibles that will tell you how to proceed.

Yes, the competition itself lasts 24 hours, which is the time each team has to solve the given problem. Outside of those 24 hours, you also have the opening and closing session and the presentations.

It’s up to the event organization to inform the jury of the criteria of evaluation with a list of all the teams competing, so that the selection of the winners will be easier.

If you have to miss classes to be present at the event, BEST Porto justifies them for that day. You only have to require that same justification until the end of the competition with the Participants Responsible.

At the opening session, the challenge will be presented, and all of the potential doubts will be clarified.

Each participant should have a computer with internet access.

In case any of the members of the team doesn’t follow the rules of the regulation, the team is disqualified and loses its deposit as well as the access to the 1.5 CTS.

If the team is unable to present a solution to the challenge, the penalty is decided by the judges.

For more information about possible penalties that may occur, we advise the reading of the event regulations, in the article that corresponds to irregularities.

Yes! All of the prizes will be announced during the event.

Besides that, the team that stays in first place (Team Design and Case Study) will have access to the national phase, which will take place online.

Since the competition is inserted in the international project “EBEC - European Best Engineering Competition”, there are some rules that need to be met in all of the local rounds. Besides that, BEST promotes the development of students and that includes their proficiency in the english language, which is of great importance.

If you have any doubts, you can contact us through our Facebook or through the emails: mafalda.teixeira.silva@best-eu.org or ebec-porto-2021@googlegroups.com.

Note: The reading of these questions, doesn’t dismiss the reading of the regulations.